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GOSEN racquets are engineered and crafted to give you the best performance under a variety of playing conditions.

Our engineers, material scientists and designers spend thousands of hours each year designing and testing each racquet design.

Attention to detail is present from the paintwork, to the shaft materials, to the grommets. You'd be amazed at the difference in performance when you use a GOSEN racquet.

If you need assistance choosing the right racquet for your playing style, then get in touch with one of our experts at

Gungnir series

The Gungnir series racquets focuses power and durability. This is GOSEN's first 80-grommet frame design, used to increase the sweet spot of the racquet, resulting in increased power and frame control. The racquet frame also uses the company's special Variant Frame design, which separates the design of the frame into 3 unique shapes. This allows the racquet to reduce air resistance, reduce the stress of the frame and also generate more torque and power. Lastly, the refined carbon design, weaves the carbon around the frame in 3 different ways - which increases the durability and tension hold of the racquet. This is arguable of the most powerful racquets offered by GOSEN.

Gungnir Alpha

Gungnir Beta

Trivista series

The Trivista series of racquets focuses on control, comfort and power. After 3 years of testing and refinement, this range of racquets enhances the traditional oval-shaped racquet head design. Its unique layout increases racquet acceleration whilst swinging through the air. The Trivista design also dampens all excess vibrations that are caused when you hit the shuttle, enhancing your play and allowing you to sustain longer rallies.

Trivista 800

Trivista Delta

Trivista Lambda

Ryoga Series

The high-end Ryoga series is GOSEN's first cross-collaborative series of racquets. It combines 5 years of research and innovation from designers in GOSEN, SEIKO ROD (precision shaft experts) and TORAY (the world's largest supplier of carbon); and many thousands of hours in development and refinement to produce each racquet design in this series. To ensure the ultimate level of quality, all shafts are specially constructed in Japan. These racquets are one of a kind and in a class of their own.

Ryoga Issen

Ryoga Ougi

Ryoga Shiden

Ryoga Tenbu

Customedge Series

The Customedge series got its name from the many thousands of hours of research and testing. This series focuses on the importance of the bottom two edges of the racquet design. Technically known as the "4 o"clock and 8"clock" locations, the importance of the varying "custom"edges has been tested extensively to positively influence the aerodynamic nature of the racquet; resulting in enhanced control and power; allowing the feeling of the racquet to be customised. The racquet comes in 3 types: the Type S and Type V adopts the traditional oval shape head for faster swings, and the Type X with the isometric head, allowing a larger sweet spot.

Customedge Type S

Customedge Type V

Customedge Type X

Customedge Type Z

Roots Series

The Roots series is GOSEN's most popular series. It features their patented "two-kick point" shaft and Aermet material to help increase resilience and add power to your game

Roots Aermet 3500F

Roots Aermet Zeus

Roots Aermet Titan

Mira Series

The Mira series is GOSEN's lightest racquet range. It includes several intermediate-level racquets, which allow you to easily adapt to the game of badminton with speed and power.


Miraclelight 86RF+

Training Series

Use a heavier racquet in your training sessions to build strength and power.

Training 140