More Racquets Ryoga Shiden

Shaft Stiffness: Stiff
Frame Shape: Semi Square (Oval)
Balance: Medium Balance

Technologies and material
Core Stabilizer, Aermet Material, Outer Taper Shaft, Quadraxial Carbon, Zylon Material, M40 Carbon (F1 Formula cars)

Recommended for intermediate players to advanced players.

Designed and constructed from one of the world's strongest fibers combined with a high-elasticity base, the Ryoga Shiden is the optimum balance of high strength, resilience and speed. The featured semi-square frame is an exclusive design on the Ryoga Shiden, which increases the sweet spot and enhances the aerodynamic and manoeuvrable ability of the racquet, letting you cut through the air quickly. This is complemented by Zylon and M40 carbon used to construct its shaft, the very material produced to construct satellites and Formula 1 racing cars.

I was recommended to use Gosen racket, then I am addicted with this. Shiden, gives me the most comfortable feeling for smashes (I think the shaft has contributed on this). Since it is comfortable, hand and arm won't get tired easily, provide me quick reaction for defense. Overall, although the price of it is a bit high, it is worthy.
Shiden is a combination of power and speed among Ryoga series. It is required to take time to improve player's handling ability before start using Shiden. Suitable for intermediate players. Once you are skilled, Shiden would be the best weapon for both defense and offence. More detail can be found on this: (Chinese content)